QGIS lts branch is 3.34 instead of 3.28


I’m new in Linux and Flatpack and I wonder how it’s possible that FlatHub depot switches QGIS lts branch from 3.28 to 3.34.

Do you know somehow if somebody can do this change?
I’d like that my Zorin OS makes flatpak updates of QGIS on lts versions, and not on stable version

Thx a lot for your explanations/advices

Install QGIS Desktop on Linux | Flathub shows that is at 3.36.1
Make sure to update to the latest version.

Thx @MehdiChinoune for your answer.
Indeed, QGIS stable version proposed by flathub is 3.36.
But my question deals with the lts (long term service) version, not stable version.

The lts branch is no longer maintained / can not be updated.

It’s still discussed how to provide both versions: The way we used to build an LTS branch is no longer supported on Flathub · Issue #329 · flathub/org.qgis.qgis · GitHub

oh, ok i see. Thx @cxrvh for this explanation.
So i’ll be patient until experts can eventually handle it!