Questions on building

Hi Folks, Davo here. A puzzled Davo…

I tried to make a flatpak of my app, tomboy-ng but have issues. On Linux, I can build either a GTK2 or Qt5 versions of the app. But io.gnome.Platform does not support GTK2.

(Is that right ? Seems strange that a system that sets out to solve library problems drops GTK2 while all major Gnome distros continue to support it, mostly out of the box. Sigh).

So, lets do a qt5 version. The app requires libnotify and io.kde.Platform does not have libnotify despite all the Plasma distros I routinely test against having libnotify installed “out of the box”.

The docs Dependencies — Flatpak documentation talk about “bundling” additional libraries and refer the reader to Manifests — Flatpak documentation but that page only mentions bundling under Modules for building from source.

Do I really need to build libnotify from source given that just about every Linux distribution already has it and its substantially unchanged for some time ?

Thanks for any advice you might be able to offer ?


Thanks MehdiChinoune, I appreciate your answer. Great that GTK2 is still catered for but I really don’t understand how ?

The link you gave me gives me what appears to be a git command line, do I need to initialize a git repo to use it or is that command something that appears in the yml manifest ? Or used in some other way ? Normally, git submodules are used within existing repos …

And then it mentions a json manifest, what do I do with that ? Is it called from the main manifest ? Do I need to mention it in the main manifest, if not, how does it get read ?

That page has a link to the flatpak wiki “for more information” but there is, in fact no further information there at all. Is there some detailed documentation about using using submodules somewhere ?


Er ? Something wrong here ? “Posts withdrawn by author” ? Have I done something wrong ?


Gtk2 isn’t in any runtime. You have to build it part of your app.

There are a few apps that do that, including GIMP.