Quick Setup for Slackware?

Hello, I try to follow the instructions to install a flatpak - but when I reach Flatpak—the future of application distribution to choose my OS, I do not find Slackware.
Where do I find the Quick Setup info for a Slackware 15 x86-64 based Linux?

yours truly, Rava

There’s no quicksetup for Slackware at this time (if anyone who uses Slackware wants to contribute them, that would be awesome :smile: ), but there are these instructions here: SlackBuilds.org - flatpak

dginovker thanks for the heads up.
For now I try the native Slackware packages, they might be a bit dated but hopefully come with less dependencies. I try to keep my XFCE system as slim as can be.

if one want to contribute the quick setup, please do. The changes should be submitted to flatpak.github.io/distro.yml at source · flatpak/flatpak.github.io · GitHub

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