Rasberry pi4 with Ubuntu

First time user , would love some help ! Followed the steps from flat hub how-to and stuck here.
I’m using a rasberry pi 4 with Ubuntu 20.04!
Also another questions you thik it would have to do with the set up guide ? Like it says click what you’re using but it shows both Ubuntu and rasberry pi , which one would I use ? And thank you ahead of time and take care out there !

Looks like com.github.micahflee.torbrowser-launcher not support aarch64

What aarch would I need for it to get supported .
And what aarch does tor have ?

Wish: Flathub website should provide a list of supported architectures right on the package’s page. User shouldn’t crawl through git to get this information.

x86_64, so not a Raspberry Pi, but a regular PC.

You are not alone:

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