remote-LS vs apps/category/All

Obviously, the question is about CLI versus HTTPS://

should what I see available in my web browser accurately reflect what I should see when I list the contents of the server from the command line?

it doesn’t. as an example: Flacon. Shows to be installable from the web, but fails. and Flacon does not appear in the results as being present on the server when queried in a terminal window. I set the window to “unlimited scroll-back buffer” to fit the entire available library and verified it is not listed.

Additional information: I installed Debian 10.5 on this pc as a clean installation 2 days ago. I tried to upgrade but it failed (not related to flatpak - VIM didn’t update cleanly). Before I tried to update, I installed Flacon without issue on Debian 9.

I also tried the search function. I’m mentioning this because it might (although I deeply doubt it) be somehow related: after the initial search indexing, every search I perform returns “uberwriter”

The web frontend displays only applications available for x86_64. Applications are usually supported for aarch64 and arm. Apps for i386 no longer receive updates since about last year. What error message do you see when you try to install Flacon? You can also run flatpak remote-info flathub com.github.Flacon to check whether it’s available or not.

Admittedly, the search functionality is a little bit wonky. It might be cache on your side though as it finds Flacon reliably for me.