Removing themes


Is it possible to remove the themes packages? and avoid them from being installed again?

I can uninstall them, but they keep getting installed back whenever I run an update.

Is ther like a config where I can forbid installing themes?

Thank you.

You might also want to explain, what you’re trying to do

I am trying to prevent flatpak from installing gtk / qt themes automatically.
That is it.

You should be able to use flatpak mask, but why do you want to do this?

Themes are just aesthetics, they add no more function to the programs, and most of the flatties that I use, i.e. vivaldi, google earth, etc, do not even apply the themes. So for the most part I don´t need them.

What app installs what theme? I never had that.

Not like that, it happens when you change the theme on your DE settings, i.e. Cinnamon themes.

Next time you update flatpaks, it will install the matching theme, if available. So you end up with a bunch of themes installed, regardless of the flatties being able to apply the themes or not.

The only solution so far is to stick to the default DE theme.