Request Flatpak for Morgen, please!

Project information: A calendar / tasklist/ workflow integrations
Automate your time, your way. Your workflows are uniquely yours. Automate them to work for you.

Name: Morgen Calendar & Tasks
FYI: I am…

  1. newbie to Linux
  2. Currently running Debian 12 in a virtual machine on a Chromebook
  3. Currently using Logseq Flatpak (it is working great!)
  4. Morgen is available as a Snap…but, I have spent a few frustrating hours trying to get it running using Snap…to no avail. (I don’t want to have to become a Linux expert just to run a bleeping app!!!)
  5. Yes, yes, yes…all my distros and apps are updated, upgraded…blah, blah, blah.
    THANK YOU for all your good work! (And, yes, I was shouting there.)