Restrict app to monitor


Is it possible to restrict an app to a specific monitor or X11/Xorg coordinate region?

I am running Steam in Flatpak on openSUSE Leap 15.4 (X11). The game Civilization 5 always starts in the primary monitor. I can force-move it to the other monitor with KDE/kwin, but it still determines the maximum available resolution by the primary monitor (my second monitor is larger).

If there was a way to restrict the available X11 canvas to just be the second monitor (Steam/Civ only see the second monitor with coordinates starting there), then I think that would solve the issue.

The other solution is to temporarily change my primary monitor, but then notifications are covered by the game, panels are swapped, etc.


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Not possible via anything Flatpak related

Ah, I see, thank! Was worth asking.