Review Problem of GpgFrontend on Flathub

I requested a review days ago, and I got the feedback yesterday. Now I resolve the issues raised by the reviewer and republish this Application. But currently, I don’t see the review status reset on the Flathub page so that I can request another Review for it. Any advice?

By the way, The app name showed in Flathub is “gpgfrontend”. It’s weird, and I have already changed the name to “GpgFrontend” in metainfo.xml and appdata.xml. Why couldn’t changes get apply?

Link: Install gpgfrontend on Linux | Flathub
MetaData File: GpgFrontend/resource/appstream/com.bktus.gpgfrontend.metainfo.xml at dev/2.1.2/main · saturneric/GpgFrontend · GitHub

Sorry, we didn’t reset it yet.

Might be your cache, it’s showing fine for me.

Another problem is, that your screenshots are webp, which we are not supporting right now unfortunately.