Run simple Nodejs Express application

is it possibile to create a Flatpak for runnig a simple Nodejs application? I mean just an Express API server listening on port 3000. I cannot find any documentation about it.


it’s defiantly possible. I would probably start with the electron instructions and simplify them for your usecase. Especially, if you have never done it before.

Or look at Flathub · GitHub for an app, that’s similar to yours.

I tried to follow the instructions for build the sample application with an Ubuntu 20.04 machine, but it gave me this error:

(flatpak-builder:24646): flatpak-builder-WARNING **: 14:58:58.045: Unknown source type inline

(flatpak-builder:24646): Json-WARNING **: 14:58:58.047: Failed to deserialize "sources" property of type "gpointer" for an object of type "BuilderModule"
Downloading sources
Initializing build dir
Committing stage init to cache
Starting build of org.flathub.electron-sample-app
Building module electron-sample-app in /home/paolo/repos/electron-sample-app/flatpak/.flatpak-builder/build/electron-sample-app-1
Running: npm install --offline
bwrap: Can't chdir to /run/build/electron-sample-app/main: No such file or directory
Error: module electron-sample-app: Child process exited with code 1

I tried also with others examples found here:

but they fail with errors.

Some suggestions?

You don’t seem to have a file named main or are not copying it

Ok, but I simply follow the guide, I suppose this should work, I don’t know where is this main file

I guess the build version of but I will only have time to look into this after the weekend