Sagemath flatpak request

Project information: An open-source computer-algebra program intended as a replacement for Mathematica, Magma, Maple, and Matlab.

Name: Sagemath
License: GPLv2+
Upstream has been contacted: yes

Sage is notoriously difficult to package and install, due to it’s enormous number of dependencies. Many of it’s dependencies are special-purpose libraries intended for specific areas of math that weren’t all originally written to be used together.

Looking through some sagemath tutorial, they seem to use jupyter notebook to run sagemath?
Edit: I think sagemath use web browser as a GUI, so I guess to do this we have to make it work with Firefox Flatpak as well.

Yes, the GUI for sage runs in a browser. With the deb backage, running
sage -n=jupyter
will launch both the sagemath backend and a jupyter notebook in the user’s default browser.