Scrivener request

Project information: Scrivener is a program aimed at writers who want to work with long documents. The application is well known among writers using Windows and MacOS. However, there is a linux version that never left the beta phase.
Alternatively, some users have installed Wine and some components to make it work on their computers.

Name: Scrivener
License: Proprietary.
Upstream has been contacted:
The topic was discussed at the company’s Forum. However, little was done to transform the package to Linux.

An user transformed an old version in AppImage that works with some minor delay, issues and access to certain folders.

It would be interesting to have a Flatpak version, that could allow the registration and access to external drives…

The installation using Wine is relatively simple:

  • Installation of Wine
  • Configure Wine for Windows 10 and Define folder (Winecfg)
  • Installation of DotNet 4.8
  • And Installation of Scrivener

Some recommended me to install using WinePak. But the solution does not work and the configuration is quite complicated.