Shared module of an image-processing utility

The excellent Hugin application uses an image processing utility called hugin-tools.

Hugin-tools is available as a Debian package, which can easily be included as a dependency in a Debian package with “Depends: hugin-tools”. However I know of no way of including dependencies in a Flatpak. The only option is to recreate the whole thing in the manifest, which is a lot of work, a maintenance liability and probably beyond many people’s ability.

Would it be possible to create a module like those in ‘shared-modules’, which would perform the same function? Then including it would only need one statement in a manifest.

Most of the work for this has already been done - “hfiguiere” has already created a Flatpak for the whole of hugin

Rather than creating a module for the whole of hugin-tools. It might be better (and easier) to have the tools in separate modules
(note that this doesn’t work on Gnome Platform) “exalm” has done most of the work on what is needed for align-image-stack, the one I’m interested in (note that this doesn’t work on Gnome Platforms later than 3.2)

If it’s possible, I think these tools would be very useful to authors of image-processing applications and align-image-stack would be a good one start with.

I didn’t make it clear that my application has Hugin’s align_image_stack as a dependency, but unlike a Debian package it seems rather difficult to include a dependency in a Flatpak, so the application in the Flatpak version has to manage without that dependency.

To overcome this, I’ve started trying to build align_image_stack as a module. I think I can include it in the manifest with:

  • align_image_stack.json
    provided that file contains all the necessary modules like exiv2, boost etc. The build starts, but even if I only include one of those, whichever one I try it with, even glew and glu, it always fails with a “filename too long” error. With glew:

install -m 0644 glew.pc “/app/lib/pkgconfig/”
Error: module glew: Error when getting information for file “/home/chris/flatpak/.flatpak-builder/rofiles/rofiles-QG2wVS/.flatpak-builder/rofiles/rofiles-QG2wVS/.flatpak-builder

[lots more of this]

-QG2wVS/.flatpak-builder/rofiles/rofiles-QG2wVS/.flatpak-builder/rofiles/rofiles-QG2wVS/.flatpak-builder/cache/objects/78/93c69a777d669446e45259b1d348294b5d2bc848d6fe05db747897532b2982.dirtree”: File name too long

I suspect there is something else that I need to do, but can’t find any documentation about including modules like this. Can anyone help me do this, or at least point me at some documentation?

Now working on org.gnome.Platform 40 after updating some of the modules. Apparently caused by an earlier platform removing something from the first one I used. No way of finding any documentation about what had happened either.