Site changes after 1000 verified apps

We have officially hit 1000 verified apps! :partying_face:

Given that there are around 2.5k flatpaks total, this means that ≈40% of Flathub is verified. Given just how much the platform has grown, especially with official packages, now is a good time to rethink how parts of the website function. Here are my suggestions:

Track number of verified apps in Flathub Statistics

Unfortunately, the verified apps section caps off at 1000 apps. Currently, the Flathub statistics page only shows the total number of desktop apps. Now that we cannot track the number of verified apps through the verified apps section, I would like to see the number here, ideally in it’s own box just right of the one for the total number of desktop apps.

Get rid of the Verified Apps Section

It does not make sense at this point to have a huge section filled with unrelated apps. Given the abundance of verified apps in all of the other categories, the verified apps section is no longer is necessary for users to find a verified app.

Add “Show Only Verified Apps” Toggle

As a replacement for the verified apps section, it would make more sense to have a toggle per section and/or site wide, to show only verified apps. This would be more helpful at this point than lumping all of the verified apps together. The default position for this toggle should be off, so we show all that Flathub has to offer to people first visiting the site. I know some people will say that this toggle unfairly hurts community packages, but if someone deliberately searches for only verified apps, they would not have been interested in community packages anyway. As for official packages that are unverified, this will serve as motivation for the developers to verify their app.

Final thoughts

I know these changes are easier said than done, and many of you will not agree 100% with all of my points, but it is time plan how we are going adapt to better accommodate the current state of Flathub. Please tell me what you want to see down below, whether they’re related to my suggestions or anything else related to how the website should handle verification.

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I’m just a user, but here are my thoughts on each of these ideas

Track number of verified apps in Flathub Statistics

This sounds like a good idea. Note, however, that it is possible right now to see the number of verified apps: do a blank search and the number of verified apps will be in the sidebar.

Get rid of the Verified Apps Section

Strongly opposed! There are some apps that get verified after being on Flathub unofficially for years. The verified apps section shows newly verified apps, including apps that aren’t in the “new apps” or “recently updated” section.

I’d support changing the name of this section to “Newly verified apps,” since that’s what it’s actually showing.

I’d also support adding a “recently verified apps” RSS feed to complement the two existing feeds.

Add “Show Only Verified Apps” Toggle

You can already do this with search (click the box on the sidebar). As a user I wouldn’t be bothered by having an extra toggle to hide unverified apps everywhere on the site, but
a)I wouldn’t use such an option (even though I primarily use verified apps), and
b)I’m not really sure what benefit it gives.

Thanks for the tip on using a blank search. It didn’t occur to me to try that. It would still be nice to see all of the data in one place on the statistics page.

I do agree that a “Recently Verified” section would make sense, especially if they filtered out “Recently Added”. And I feel like “Recently Verified” would feel more natural than “Newly Verified” considering we have a “Recently Added” section.

I do still think there is a use for a “Show Only Verified Apps” toggle because:

  1. If a blank search didn’t occur to me, I’m sure there are others who wouldn’t think to try it, especially not right away.
  2. There are may people who prefer not to use community packages, especially people from Windows, macOS, IOS, etc. where the idea of community repackaging isn’t as prominent
  3. It would make the UI a lot cleaner for people who want to ignore the 60% of apps that are unverified
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