Skype hanging on F38


Skype from Flatpak on Fedora 38 is hanging with a white blank window after trying to log in. Quitting Skype from the tray icon still works, but it asks you to log in again when restarted.

It happened once when I updated to Fedora 38 over a week ago, but after a login it worked; today the Skype from Flatpak got updated and no longer works.

I now installed Skype using RPM instead and it works, so it seems to be a Flatpak-Skype specific issue.

You probably want to report at Issues · flathub/ · GitHub

Also are you sure you updated to 38 and not 39?

@razzeee thanks a lot! Done Hanging at login on Fedora 38 · Issue #225 · flathub/ · GitHub

And yes I updated to 38 when 39 came out. I stay on current minus one to limit the update stream.

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