[solved] Apps are crashing 10 seconds after being launched


I have problems with some apps that have one thing in common: they are all flatpak apps.

-In wayland, some of them are launched in background even when they aren’t supposed to, ant their windows doesn’t even appear if i press alt + tab. It doesn’t happens in X11 though.

-Some flatpak apps are crashing 10 seconds after being launched (Betterbird, Pinball Space Cadet). I launched them with the console to investigate, but the messages printed are the same as if the application was normally functioning, so i don’t have any clue.

Kubuntu 23.10

I think i found a workaround.

Install and launch flatseal.
Select the incrimined app (other flatpak apps have this problem).
Scroll to the bottom.
Enable "background.

No app crashed since i applied it.

Yeah, that’s a KDE bug that afaik has been fixed in Plasma 6.

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