[SOLVED] Installed Emacs Flatpak on KDE Manjaro, Failing to Find Modules "xapp-gtk3-module" and "canberra-gtk-module" even though I have libcanberra and xapp installed

Title says pretty much everything.

I checked, and I have all the lib32 packages for libcanberra, including the -gstreamer and -pulse packages, same with the 64-bit packages.

There’s only one package for xapp in the Arch repository, and I have it installed.

I considered I need lxappearance for xapp, but I already have lxappearance-gtk3 as part of Customize Look and Feel. I uninstalled CLaF and installed lxappearance anyways just to check, and it didn’t work.

What do, flathub?

EDIT: Here’s the output.

[andyr@andydesktop flatpaks]$ flatpak run --share=ipc org.gnu.emacs
emacs-wrapper-wrapper: Setting up NPM packages
emacs-wrapper-wrapper: Setting up Cargo packages
emacs-wrapper-wrapper: Setting up Python packages
Gtk-Message: 23:00:39.159: Failed to load module “xapp-gtk3-module”
Gtk-Message: 23:00:39.159: Failed to load module “canberra-gtk-module”
Undefined color: “WINDOW_FOREGROUND”

2ndEDIT: I at first used “flatpak run org.gnu.emacs” but changed it to “flatpak run --share=ipc org.gnu.emacs” after seeing that proposed solution in an answer to someone else who had a similar problem on Zorin OS.


I went into /etc/xdg/kcmdisplayrc and changed ExportKDEColors to FALSE!


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