Stable problem with flatpak square fonts after updates

I use CentOS 9 + flatpak. Every time after updates the fonts in flatpak apps switch to squares. Multiple cyrillic languages installed on the system.

Usually I use command flatpak run --command=fc-cache App -f -v

But it’s terrible In fact it’s will enough if flatpak Apps show me english instead of this terrible attempts to show me texts in native languages

But i do not know how to switch flatpak only to 1 language How i can do it ?

I think you set the language with with flatpak config:
flatpak config --user --set languages "en;"

You probably have to download the Locales manually for each app & runtime (see Using different language for application is magic · Issue #1504 · flatpak/flatpak · GitHub). But I’m not sure if this is the case, maybe a simple flatpak update is enough.

But it’s possible that this is a GNOME runtime bug (Gnome Platform 43 fc-cache failed). Then you could see the same issue with any other language, too.

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