Suggestion: exclude very old runtimes and related apps

As I voluntarily update EOL runtimes, I realized Flathub does not have an EOL policy for very old runtimes and apps.

Is it possible to retire very old (4 years old? 5 years old?) runtimes and the apps that use them?

For example, could org.freedesktop.Platform 24.08 retire apps that use older versions like org.freedesktop.Platform 21.08 or older?

Similarly, could org.gnome.Platform 48 retire apps that use older versions like org.gnome.Platform 40 or older?

Exclude currently means EOL-ing them. I think in cases where maintainer deleted their GitHub account, the upstream repo was archived, maintainer stated it should be EOL-ed or if it hasn’t been touched in 5-6 years/uses a super old runtime - it should be fine to EOL them.

Although I doubt you can get apps on a super old runtime like GNOME 3.xy to build currently. We have to EOL them from the server if they are not buildable.

From a user perspective, one of the most attractive things about running an application in a container is that once it’s built successfully, you can expect it to keep working for a long time, even as you upgrade your OS.

Obviously there are limits to that, but please don’t be too eager to ‘clean up’ old applications if they can still work. :slightly_smiling_face:

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