Support for list of SDKs (similar to list for addons)

Hi, some programs like vscodium and vstudiocode need multiple SDKs for several of its functions (rust,lua,etc). i will help a lot if there is a easy and standardized way to do that.

That is why support for SDKs listing (similar to addons) will help a lot.

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For added clarity, the proposal is to have various sdks show up in the add-ons menu of Flatpaks
So instead of the user having to manually add the FLATPAK_ENABLE_SDK_EXT=dotnet envvar they can just select “install” or “enable” just like how they would install other add-ons (like the OBS addons shown below)

That’s a change to gnome-software then, you should pitch it in their issue tracker.

Still, I think that does only make sense with some applications in some cases, it might be hard to figure out when to show it and when not to.

base on you answer i ask: soo the sdk listing is already added to the backend of flatpak?

because as far as I know is not implemented.
gnome only uses the lists provided by flatpak. So I ask again, are the SDK lists implemented in Flatpak? (similar to addon lists)

note: if the answer is yes, I will move this issue to the gnome store developers

No idea and this probably isn’t a place where you would be able to get that answered normally. Refer to the flatpak issue tracker.

ok, I’ll keep this request open here until that “probability” becomes clear.

And I will also open a request in “flatpak issues tracker”:

[Feature request]: Support for list of SDKs (similar to list for addons) · Issue #5621 · flatpak/flatpak · GitHub (same request that here)

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