Telegram Desktop flatpak unstable and unusable in the last 10 days

Hi Everyone,

I’m a satisfied and enthusiast flatpak user (on a daily updated x86-64 Debian 10).

My flatpak environment size in such a way:
root@carlo-book:/home/carlo# flatpak list | wc -l

In the last 10 days, about, flatpak Telegram Desktop seems to be crazy: the cursor appear like a diagonal (old style) black hand and all the items in the window appear ad disappear moving the mouse over them. During this the items also flicker…

I used Telegram on the smarphone almost since its start and in the desktop (linux and Windows) since many years.

I happily used flatpak Telegram Desktop at least since 6/8 months, but in the last 10 days I don’t…

Yesterday, after having uselessly updated it to 2.4.3, I had to flatpak remove it and install and use the native/vanilla 2.4.3 Telegram Desktop from its official site that still behave correctly.

What’s the matter in the flatpak one? Had been linked to the wrong library/ies? Am I the only one to live that behaviors?

May I help to restore the solid flatpak build?

Have a nice day,


Having issues with last Flathub versions of Telegram Desktop too. HiDpi support (scaling) and tray icon are broken (Fedora 32 Workstation). Definitely something changed in latest builds.
Rolled back to 2.4.1 version as temporary workaround (

@carlo.strata maybe you have some updates? I’m new Flathub user, not sure how support works here.

This might be caused by native Wayland with old Mutter. See

In this case, forcing XWayland should help:

flatpak override --user --env=QT_QPA_PLATFORM=xcb org.telegram.desktop
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@gasinvein Thank You! Completely fixed my issues.