Telegram Desktop not updating some channels

From some time and some versions of Telegram Desktop my channels are not updating until I close the app and launch it again.
I have installed the last one release, but it is happening from the last 4 releases at least.
I have uninstalled it and installed again several times with no luck.
In my cellphone I see the channels update (the channel counter of unread messages), but with the flatpak app never do the update counter until I relauch the app.
It was working ok until 2-3 months ago. But strangely some of the channels I believe are updating properly or at least it seems gets some update of the counter messages.
My OS is Linux Mint 20.1.
Is this a general problem?

Are you saying they don’t update at all even in the app itself or are you saying your notifications in your DE are wrong/not happening?

If it’s the first, report it here Issues · telegramdesktop/tdesktop · GitHub

Hi razzeee:
I am saying that the channels I have has no update from the last 3 hours in any of the channels, but in my mobile phone 6 channels has updates and shows the number with the number of unread messages.
To get it updated I have to relaunch the application.
But I also installed (this morning) the app with apt-get install telegram-desktop, and have opened both at the same time, and, despite this second app updated one channel messages, the rest of the channels are neither updated.
So I am starting to think that can be a problem with the PC. But the weird thing is that it happen in my desktop pc an my laptop, both with the same OS and releases.

Could be routing/network then

I have same problem. It worked fine before, but in last month or two the desktop version of telegram not updating channels, but mobile version works fine (in same network).

OS: Windows 10

Which would mean, this has nothing to do with the linux/flathub build