The same flatpak package behaves differently on Ubuntu vs. Fedora

Today Password Safe flatpak was published, but now I see the same flatpak package behaves differently on Ubuntu 23.10 vs. Fedora Silverblue 39.

On both systems I have installed:
flatpak install pwsafe.pwsafe

and then started it with:
flatpak run org.pwsafe.pwsafe

After login into password manager database from menu I have selected Manage | Change Safe.

On Ubuntu - there is checkbox (little bit is broken location of checkbox, but checkbox is displayed):

On Fedora - no checkbox at all

On Ubuntu:

On Fedora:

I always thought the main advantage of flatpak vs. deb/rpm is to test once and then app will behave the same on all Linux distros.

Any idea what is wrong?

This app uses wxWidgets with GTK3 as the backend. The difference is the GTK3 theme: Yaru(?) vs Adwaita.

This is almost certainly a bug the app or in wxWidget’s fixed-positioning container widget (strangely called wxPizza).

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Upstream updated wxWidget dependency and now flatpak works the same on Ubuntu and Fedora.