The secondary images for several apps on is broken (works on

Check out these:

Example of what it looks like:

It’s not all apps, and not even apps that were recently updated at the same time. Console shows 404 error, clearing cache doesn’t change it, and these same apps work fine on

There may be more apps with this issue, I only checked a few

Edit: 2 more

  • Open Lens (this one has some of the secondary images working, but not all?)
  • MegaMek

Edit: I’ve confirmed the .appdata.xml of 2009scape is referencing non-404’d images, and I’ve created a PR to try to update it and see if that gets it unstuck

Edit: Still stuck. Rip

Seems to be caused by the backend, picking the biggest size of available screenshot from the first image. But the other images only have smaller sizes available.

Should be better after Fix empty screenshot in array by razzeee · Pull Request #1182 · flathub/website · GitHub

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Looks like that fixed it! Thanks!