The Wolfendoom flatpak is broken

When i launch the aplication, the following message appears: 1 errors while parsing DECORATE scripts. I managed to solve this by unziping the boa_c2.pk3 and replacing the line 321 of scripts/actors/playerfollowers.txt with: if (mo) { Markers.Push(PathMarker(mo)); } than i zipped the file again renamed it from zip to pk3 (pk3 is a kind of zip) put the file where it was and everything is now working fine. I want to ask the flathub administrators to do the above changing in the file so the game can work as soon as installed, because the way it is now, no one can play it.

Maybe you could open a PR?

Honestly, I would recommend you to use the GZDoom package. It’s the latest version with everything taken care of.