Time to see the new release?


(sorry to create several topics in a short time)

I finalized an upgrade to my application and it’s OK on the build bot: Flathub builds

But, my app is not updated here: Scoreboard | Flathub the version is still 1.0.0 and not 1.1.0.

BTW: not changing screenshots, they are displayed for the 1.0.0 version, not in 1.1.0 in beta channel. I hope that’s a simple problem with beta chan…

Check the documentation: Flathub Maintenance.

Thanks, I’ve already read this page.

You have to admit that the information about the 3-hour delay is drowned out by too much information. I think that documentation requires concise work.

Or at least, it would be interesting if either the site or the build bot could provide a little more specific information. Like “build on master OK, your application will be in production in about 3 hours”, etc…

I love FlatHub, I’m happy to be able to manage my application package myself, but frankly… the beta->build->prod stages are full of hidden principles and it’s a bit nebulous.

The other issue, that’s a bug: Every app is marked as proprietary #1930

Flathub is an open project, if you think it should be worded or shown differently you can make the changes: GitHub - flathub/documentation: Documentation for flathub

I know. That was not an aggression. I only don’t like a simple “RTFM” as answer…

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