TLauncher is piracy

I was browsing flathub when I saw that the Minecraft TLauncher was on there. ( I’m not sure this should be on flathub as it allows people to illegally download and pirate Minecraft.

Alternatively there are other more ethical open source projects that could replace it including ATLauncher and MultiMC

It’s an extra-data app so we’re not redistributing anything. You should talk to Mojang to take the actual website down instead of reporting it here.

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how is it piracy if it was piracy wouldn’t have mojang taken it down and sued it already!!!

because mojang doesn’t have the time to sue a launcher, they would just go back up under a different name. also it is piracy, you can play the game without paying for it

Given that it is seemingly removed from Flathub, why does it still
1)Show up in the “popular apps” listing at 41st, and
2)Have a page on the Flathub website?

He doesn’t care if Minecraft is being pirated. So why are you being bothered?
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There is nothing more to discuss here.