To be verified on another website?

Hi all,

I’m the dev of :slight_smile:

My website is:


But the verification wants to be !!
How to solve this?

Thanks a lot for your help.

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From the original submission:

This question was totally ignored. TWICE.

Not sure how this got merged.

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Hi @hub

I think I said all I know. No I don’t have a domain called org.hlwd.XXX or
The app-id, namespace seems correct (org.hlwd.sonofman).
It’s based on a doc I read several years ago of Google.
The namespace (org.hlwd.XXX) is valid for Google, Apple, Ubuntu (snapcraft), Python (PyPI).

What can we do now?
Thanks for your help.

You are just showing me you never posted the replies.

maybe @barthalion will be able to sort that out. I can’t.

And for the record:

So yeah.

But this?
I never checked the remaining mark, because I don’t own the domain (it doesn’t exist) and I will not buy to get it. I have a gitlab page for free.
Do we have to own a domain to use the same name for the namespace??
It’s not logical.
It’s only a namespace! :laughing:

That not being verifiable is by design and the only way out would be to end of life your app and resubmit it with a new id. As namespaces are exactly for this.

In theory, flathub admins can manually set your app as verified, but I think that would not be setting a good example and might them cause more problems in the long run.

It’s just not logic to have a namespace of the same name than a domain. It’s a fault on your side. Namespace is for namespace and domain for domain. I could give you several examples in commercial domain where both are different.
Simply: org.fdroid.XXX => (not the same).

I don’t think republish with another app-id is a solution. My apps were on several stores before being on flatpak/flathub.

Is there a way to make a redirection with github/gitlab pages? I saw something on this but I have not read.

I could buy a domain but (it’s only for this! Wait…). I can also live without being verified. Rem: you have all my sources and email, and refs on other stores. Just check the email used :slight_smile: you can also see the apps are not forks. You could also buy for me the domain as I discovered a bug :bug: or simply make me a favor “Ok you are verified” :relaxed::+1:

It was always in the docs Requirements | Flathub Documentation
or even Requirements & Conventions — Flatpak documentation

And your fdroid example seems wrong. Both urls seem to lead to the same website, so they are likely both owned by that project. / it’s just redirecting. Either way, finding one app-id that’s wrong won’t help.

You are free to resubmit your app again, using the correct ID this time. You have been explicitly asked if you own the specified domain, to which you never replied. There’s no other fault here than mutual negligence, as I shouldn’t have merged it in this state.

But I replied:

  • I think I unckecked the mark on previous screen
  • And said in another screenshot that I don’t have it.

So I replied but maybe not the way you want with something in github.

Now, I will finally buy this domain (for 12$ a year), and everybody will be happy. This could help me to share easily the address.

Ok for you, if we go this way?
No need to republish…
Ok for hugging lol? :hugs::relaxed::face_with_hand_over_mouth:

I just need sometime to know where to buy it and have a web site.