Tools for automatically updating Flatpak packaging

Hi everyone,
Whenever a new version of Purr Data is released I have to do a few manual steps to update it on Flathub:

  1. replace the old tag and commit ID in the manifest .yml file with the new one
  2. add a <release> tag in the metainfo.xml file
  3. commit and push to GitHub
  4. wait for and test a build

I’m going to automate steps 1-3 so that there’s less friction for me when I see a new upstream release. Has anyone done this already? Got any useful scripts or tooling that you could share, before I write my own?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

I’ve got a couple.

fp-build that does a build in one simple command.
fp-deprecate that I use to automatically deprecrate plugins package that I rename to move to the unified extension point (still two pending in review / PR)
fp-2008 that I used to upgrade all the plugins to 20.08

I also wrote flatpak-manifest-generator to generate packages skeletons (mostly audio plugins). It is in Rust. Source code at

It sounds like what you want is:

If you teach it to update Git sources, then steps 2, 3, 4 are already done, and fully integrated with Flathub. It opens pull requests, which then get built.

I’ve got a couple.

I thought so given the number of apps you seem to maintain!

It opens pull requests, which then get built.

That does sound like what I want! Am I right that I’d need to implement the feature before I could use it? :slight_smile:

Thanks for the comments, I’ll look into these next time there is a new release.

Yes, you would need to implement a new Checker subclass. Happy to give some pointers if you’re interested!