Try to use jPDF Tweak

Hi, I’m new in your world.
I have instaled Flatpak in my Debian. I try to install jPDF Tweak and i received this message:
flatpak install --from
Installing: net.sourceforge.jpdftweak.jPdfTweak/i386/stable
Warning: Can’t find dependencies: No entry for app/net.sourceforge.jpdftweak.jPdfTweak/i386/stable in remote summary flatpak cache
Installing: net.sourceforge.jpdftweak.jPdfTweak/i386/stable from flathub
error: No such branch ‘app/net.sourceforge.jpdftweak.jPdfTweak/i386/stable’ in repository summary

An other point , i have installed successfully FrozenBubble
flatpak list
But after a:
flatpak run org.frozen_bubble.frozen-bubble
i optain nothing, no error message, and no game :frowning:

What can i do
Captain K

As FreeDesktop runtime deprecated i686 as of 19.08 release, some applications are simply not available for your CPU. Others don’t receive any upgrades but still work.

Thank you Barthalion, how i can know the applications who works with my CPU?
Captain K