Unable to update with: BAD signature from "Flathub Repo Signing Key <flathub@flathub.org>"

Hi, I was having an issue with Flathub in a Lubuntu system (20.04 LTS, current, updated) for some time now, and just today it got (apparently) fixed.

$ flatpak update
Error: Commit fcf3dbb56c117835216058acfa99ae280d713029f8d674e1b56e019a20ed082d: Signature made mié 31 dic 1969 21:00:00 using [unknown name] key ID 562702E9E3ED7EE8
BAD signature from "Flathub Repo Signing Key <flathub@flathub.org>"
Primary key ID 4184DD4D907A7CAE
Primary key expires lun 14 jun 2027 10:18:56

Does anybody know the origin of that?
I would like to know if was a temporal issue on flathub’s database or whatever, Flatpak/Lubuntu updates, or something I was doing wrong (in order to avoid repetition).

Thanks a lot!

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