Update Nestopia Flatpak to Nestopia 1.51.1

Project information : nestopia/COPYING at master · 0ldsk00l/nestopia · GitHub

Name:Nestopia UE
Homepage:Nestopia UE
Upstream has been contacted:

There is a new update: “To celebrate the '90s, Nestopia’s Linux port was moved to FLTK and oldschool OpenGL 1.x.”

With that update, the emulator goes fullscreen with no problems on any GTK based DE. (Version 1.50 has a lot of problems with that), and stills works perfect under other DE´s, as usual. Hope to see the flatpak updated. Thanks.

since the flatpak already exist, the best avenue is to file an issue directly with the flatpak repsitory

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I’ve prepared that here

Merged it. It will be available in a few hours.

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