Uploading New Manifest to Trigger Flathub BuildBot

I haven’t done this for a year, and last time I made such a mess of it that my notes are useless. I think I need to:

  • Use “Upload File” to upload my new manifest (don’t commit).
  • Tick “Create a new branch for this request and start a pull request.”
  • Click “Propose Changes”.
  • On “Open a pull request” screen Click “Create pull request.”
  • On “Add files via upload #5” screen - Don’t “Merge pull request” or “Close pull request”.
  • Then check buildbot.flathub.org check what’s happening.

This seems to work - but let me know if I’m doing anything I oughtn’t to…

No complaint, so I’ll assume this is the correct way to do this and continue with it.