Verification for apps hosted on Framagit

I own the Carburetor project which is hosted on Framagit.

Since the home page is, the APPID is io.frama.tractor.carburetor.

When I try to verify the app on Flathub, it asks me to put the .well-known file in, while it should be

Ain’t there any workarounds?

IMHO this is a bug. It should ask it at the top level of

It is a bug, indeed.

My guess is that _get_domain_name() in could use a good revamping, or another workaround:

I sent a pull request there to fix this temporarily, but it should let people to choose the base URL from their app id if there’s more than two dots in it.

See Add domain name tests and allow subdomains by razzeee · Pull Request #2301 · flathub-infra/website · GitHub but there are additional security concerns, as I heard, that organizations like to misconfigure their dns.