Video not capturing, but other software does?

Camcorder: I have a camcorder Sony DCR-PC101E with MiniDV tapes to digitise.

Software: Success with Cheese 41.1 software, the only software to show video on Ubuntu 22.04.3. Failed software: Blender 3.0.1 (my go to usually), Kdenlive Version 23.08.4, Kino and Openshot.

Hardware: Success with Cable AV red/yellow/white with a capture card with a USB port. Failed Cable AV red/yellow/white with a USB port.

My issue is that recording the video via Cheese fails as the software freezes after a few seconds. The software won’t quit even when selecting the GUI option to Force Quit. I can run Ubuntu’s Screencast recording, however there is no Audio.
The Ubuntu Desktop has 32 GB RAM.

Kdenlive should be able to do this as Kdenlive seems to be the most powerful software, am I doing something wrong?

It’s not clear which applications you run from Flatpak & which from Ubuntu (Cheese 41.1 & Blender 3.0.1 suggest the Ubuntu version).

If you’re using flatpak you have to check whether the applications have permission to all devices (--device=all). You can check this with flatpak info -M <ID> or an application like Flatseal.

In general: You can try running applications from the terminal (flatpak run <ID> but the same is true for any “normal” application) to see if there are any useful messages.

Ubuntu 22.04.3 LTS (Desktop).

That was clear from your initial post. The question was which applications you use flatpak for. The versions of Blender & Cheese are either installed from the Ubuntu packages or haven’t been updated in a long time (current versions on Flathub are 44.0.1 for Cheese & 4.0.2 for Blender).

Or in other words: What’s your output of flatpak list.

But as I said: You should try running the applications from the terminal to see if there is any output & check the permissions for your installed flatpak applications.