ViewTouch Point of Sale

Project information:ViewTouch Point of Sale

Name: Gene Mosher
License:GPL v3
Upstream has been contacted:
No need for Upstream here because I am the originator and copyright holder of the code. I am not a programmer, I cannot write code. I am therefore requesting assistance with making ViewTouch Point of Sale available as a Flatpak application; it is a vertical market solution for the hospitality industry. ViewTouch is a US registered trademark and has been around since 1986. I have been using computers for restaurant PoS since 1979.

The name is supposed to be the name of the application; regarding contacting upstream, is whether you have contacted the developer/company behind the software and see if they are interested in maintaining/distributing their application on Flathub.

I have edited my original comment. Thanks for your response !

This would be great ! I could suggest ViewTouch for my local stores and restaurants.