VirtualBox Installer for Linux

Project information:

Name: VirtualBox Installer for Linux (by Kicksecure developers)
Homepage: VirtualBox Installer for Linux
License: GPLv3
Upstream has been contacted: I am a developer of VirtualBox Installer for Linux.

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Question for developers:

I don’t have experience with packaging for flatpak yet.

/usr/bin/installer-dist (virtualbox-installer) is:

  • A single, self-contained script without additional dependencies.
  • Designed to run as unprivileged Linux user (such as user β€œuser”) which then uses function root_cmd (preferably sudo if available or su / doas) when required. (Such as to use apt-get.)

Can a flatpak manifest file can declare that sudo / root access will be required or some other suggestions?

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As far as I know, everything that requires root, is out of reach for a flatpak

See Package VirtualBox

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