Vivaldi Web Browser

Project information: Vivaldi Web Browser

Name: Vivaldi Web Browser
Homepage: vivaldi
Upstream has been contacted: Yes (

I’m trying to build a flatpak for my personal use too. But this is my first project and will probably take me much longer than someone who already has a good amount of experience in packaging.

Since I’m a new user I can only post 2 links in a post. is the Homepage

Unless we can get the sandbox working, it makes no sense to flatpak the browser.
@refi64, do you think zypak can work for Vivaldi?

Zypak should generally work on any Chromium- or Electron-based application, so I don’t think this would be an issue.

AFAIK Vivaldi uses LD_PRELOAD to enable 3rd-party Since zypak itself uses LD_PRELOAD, won’t it conflict?