VMPK v0.9.0 Pending review, publish blocked

After updating the project_license tag in the AppStream metadata file, from GPL-3.0+ to GPL-3.0-or-later as recommended by the SPDX licenses documentation in the latest VMPK release, the publishing process is blocked, with a pending review:

Please, can somebody take a look? Thanks!

one of the volunteer admin will get to it. Today is a holiday in most of the world, which mean people might be AFK, etc.

(I don’t have that kind of privilege it seems)

But then it was approved.

I’ve received a message that it has been approved. Thanks, Hub!

I am not sure if I need to do something myself to get it published, though. The publish job failed at the time:

The new release is published now. Thanks again!

Just FYI, the admin team also gets the emails about held apps - so there shouldn’t be a reason to raise an issue somewhere usually.

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