Waterfox Flatpak Request

Project information: Waterfox is built to be privacy conscious and fast. We allow you to make the choices within your browser, while providing sane defaults to make sure things run smoothly for the average user. You may expect that to be the same for every browser, but each of them have different goals - ours is to make sure you don’t have to be worrying about what’s happening within your browser.

Name: Waterfox
Homepage: https://www.waterfox.net/
License: Mozilla Public License 2.0 (MPL-2.0)
Upstream has been contacted: Not by me but there has been GitHub issues created by multiple people requesting a Flatpak package but usually it’s been responded to by saying the sole developer of this project doesn’t have time for it. So maybe he’ll be ok with it if someone from here maintains it for him.