Wayland missing title bar

I’m creating a flatpak manifest for dosbox-x and am running into a problem if I set the following permissions:

finish-args:	# flatpak permissions
  - --device=all	# needed for gamepads and serial/parallel
  - --share=ipc	        # needed for X11
  - --share=network	# needed for networking (NE2000, IPX)
  - --socket=fallback-x11
  - --socket=wayland
  - --socket=pulseaudio
  - --filesystem=home

If I than run the resulting program on Fedora 33 Beta running Wayland, the title bar and window controls are missing. To be clear, I am compiling dosbox-x in SDL2 mode.
When I run the binary outside flatpak, the titlebar and window controls are present.

If I change permissions as below, I do obviously get the missing decorations.

  - --socket=x11
  - --nosocket=wayland

Never mind about this issue, it is not specific to flatpak. It also happens if I force wayland to be used when running the binary normally. This issue can be removed or closed.