Wayland on kde/Qt6.6

i’m a kde guy (cuz I like Qt) and kde neon has kde6 on it that does wayland by default (yay:)

so I was testing my flatpak who’s runtime is kde/Qt 6.6

For one thing the windows seem to blaze open a lot faster than on kubuntu with x11. And I don’t see color artifacts I see on x11 (kubuntu) - I suspect it may be my kubuntu monitor has a loose hdmi cable sigh. But maybe it’s wayland vs x11? Not sure.

But I noticed all of my windows and dialogs have a W (top left) icon. At first I was goin “whaaat is that frickin yellow W ???” then I was like “oooh [W]ayland”…

Is there somethin I can do to fix my app icon? Or is that a “wayland/qt still need work” kinda thing? Anybody else using Qt besides me?

Honestly why is gtk so much more popular than Qt - that just doesn’t make any sense to me - but I’m verrrrry new to linux (I finally just got sick of windows update).

well, me, the answer to that is over here:


well thanks me - 'preciate it.