Wayland : Qbittorrent and Viber blinking, Firefox Beta

Hello Dear Community,
I am currently using Ubuntu 18.04.4 LTS with Wayland. I am encountering some difficulty using Viber and Qbittorrent, the screen is blinking and it is hardly usable. Do you have any solution, apart from using X.Org ?
About Firefox Beta, it seems to work out of the box, without any bug, but you cannot choose confined tabs (for example to prevent a Google tab from reading/accessing/spying on the content of other tabs.

Thanks and keep healthy during this outbreak of Covid-19 !

Firefox Beta : I solved my problem:

1- Install Firefox Multi-Account Containers see

2- In Firefox, open a window :

Viber: works fine with X. Does not work at all with Wayland.

Qbittorrent: works fine with X. Works partially with Wayland (Tabs are blinking, user experience worse because sometimes you click on tabs you did not select for example)