What does "finish-args-x11-without-ipc" mean, and how do you fix it?

When submitting an app to Flathub, the builder ran the following command:

flatpak run --command=flatpak-builder-lint org.flatpak.Builder --exceptions some.app.name.json

Then the output looked like:

    "warnings": [

I googled finish-args-x11-without-ipc but nothing showed up. Here are my finish-args:

    "finish-args": [

What does finish-args-x11-without-ipc mean? Will it affect users who use the GUI app on Wayland or something? How do I fix it?

(Posting this mostly so someone else who google searches the query can find the potential answer…)

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Fixing it is pretty easy, just add "--share=ipc", to the finish-args. Per documentation:

This is not necessarily required, but without it the X11 shared memory extension will not work, which is very bad for X11 performance.

It seems to reference this which makes X11 faster if X11 is not being done over the network.

If anyone else has additional insight, feel free to share :stuck_out_tongue: