Which qtcreator should i be using?

if I just use flatpak-build straight, I don’t see any qmake for it in /lib or /usr/lib or anywhere ?

but I need qtcreator for making .ui files. (qt resource files for laying out a window, etc)

which one? the flatpak one or the apt one or some other one ??

when I use the flatpak one, it has qt6 that it can find in /app/bin/qmake. But I don’t know where to point an apt installed qtcreator to.

I noticed that the qmake for flatpak qtcreator is in /app/bin/qmake is qt6.3.1 but my flatpak-build seems to use qt6.6.

Can anyone explain the proper way to setup qtcreator?

Does the version just not matter much for creating .ui files?

I can run Flatpak’s qmake using this command:

flatpak run --command=qmake org.kde.Sdk//6.6

The actual binary is located in /var/lib/flatpak/runtime/org.kde.Sdk/x86_64/6.6/active/files/bin on the host system. I assume it would be available for flatpak builder.

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Ah HA ! interestin’ - ya got me further.

sh@pengo:~$ flatpak run --command=sh org.kde.Sdk//6.6
[📦 org.kde.Sdk ~]$ qmake -v
QMake version 3.1
Using Qt version 6.6.2 in /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu

You’re right that that’s where the kde Sdk persists it’s qmake (which SEEMS to pick the version of qt for the build process sooomehow)
But -that- qmake expects the flatpak virtual environment (or whatever ya call it).

If I give that qmake to qtcreator to spec my kit, qtcreator tries to use it but -it- wants all the crazy paths that flatpak makes available in it’s weird virtual env.

But I guess, in the end, I really don’t need a particular kit to use the gui layout editor which will in the end write out a .ui xml file for the resource compiler to load up.

So I should stop worrying about which version of Qt qtcreator will use for building cuz I won’t be USING it for building. Just for making .ui files.

man. figuring out qt is hard enough. then throw flatpak in the mix and wowwwww :confused:

ah well. i’m back on track.