Which version of roblox for chromebook should I get?

Grapejuice, or Vinegar? I know I sound like a noob, but I do need help.

Vinagar is simpler , both works

aren’t Chromebook using ARM?

The package you mention is x86_64 only

Chromebooks can have both arches - I guess that the ARM ones are cheaper and therefore more likely to be used.

It will work for chromebook, right?

It depends on which kind of chromebook you have.

Just Install a real Linux on your chromebook , chromeos a dead end

Can an Asus Flip Cm34 work?

No, that’s an ARM processor, both apps you mentioned are not compatible with those.

MY chromebook (asus cm34 flip) has a x86_64 architecture, will it work then?

Yes, it should work then.