Why are so many open-source applications in Flathub marked as Proprietary?

  1. Search Flatpak.
  2. In search field type in: kde
  3. Now check the programs. A lot of them on Flathub site are stated to have Proprietary license which is just false.




And many many more… If there are so many obvious mistakes, why does not Flathub simply write License: Unknown to Flathub instead?

In my humble opinion:

  • claiming apps are Proprietary is just wrong information
  • claiming Unknown to Flathub is true

Please don’t write I should report a bug to those projects, because this is not a problem with one or two, but plenty of them. In this case it is systematic problem.


That makes sense. Interesting I rechecked now after 10 min from my first post and some of them now gets correct license, for example Dolphin now has GNU General Public License v2.0 or later.

Probably something is changing on Flathub server site… :slight_smile:

seems have been resolved.


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