Why is Android Studio labelled as proprietary?

on wikipedia it says it’s released under the apahce license? Android Studio - Wikipedia

I found this:

It’s right there:

im confused, is the app itself foss but the wrapper is not foss? can this be circumvented?? is this due to google or the unofficial contributor???

I think this is sort of (but not exactly) like Chromium vs Google Chrome. Google’s binary release is apparently proprietary even though it’s based on open source code (its permissive license allows that).

BTW, to whoever just edited that Wikipedia article: in the issue I linked, “AUR” presumably means the Arch User Repository, where android-studio is (incorrectly?) labeled as Apache-licensed. Wikipedia edits should be better-sourced than a random comment on github anyway …

wait whats a binary release?

can you edit the wikipedia page and correct this?