Will there ever be an official Flathub Desktop Appstore?

It would be nice to just be able to have a Flathub Appstore app like Gnome software that people could use

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I think having Flathub integrated with the native package manager like Discover or GNOME Software is a better solution. Most distributions except for Ubuntu incorporate Flatpaks into their native package manager already.

I would agree with this, other than that GNOME Software is extremely slow

I disagree. Flatpak is all about making apps that run on any distro and any desktop enviroment. Why should a GUI for flatpak apps be limited to a single distro or desktop environment?

Also, while Gnome and Plasma have their own GUIs that can install flatpaks, many other desktop environments don’t. What GUI should (for example) a Debian XFCE or Debian Mate user use?

Other package formats have desktop-independent GUI managers. For deb packages, we have synaptic, which works on all desktop environments and all distros that can use deb packages (which of course is still far fewer than the number of distros that can use flatpaks). For AppImage, we have AppImage Pool, which works on all desktop enviroments and all distros and is even available as a flatpak.

Another factor to consider is that GUIs like Gnome Software and Discover aren’t actually for browsing for flatpaks: they’re for browsing all package formats mixed together. Sometimes that isn’t what you want.

If I want to browse for only debs, I use Synaptic.
If I want to browse for debs and flatpaks mixed together, I use Mint Software.
If I want to browse for only appimages, I use AppImagePool.
But if I want to browse for only flatpaks, there is no desktop GUI I can use. I can use the flathub.org website, but that’s less convenient than a desktop app that can also show what I have installed.

Where I disagree with the title of the thread is that I don’t think a Flathub desktop GUI has to be “official.” Warehouse is an excellent GUI for installing and managing flatpaks, and it’s available as a flatpak itself. The only thing it’s missing IMO is the ability to browse for new apps to install: currently you can only install an app using Warehouse if you already know what to search for. If Warehouse gained an interface for browsing, it would satisfying my desire for a flatpak desktop GUI, even without being “official.”

Xfce/MATE - use GNOME software - it is GTK and looks fine on Xfce/MATE.

You can view only Ftatpaks on Mint’s software store.

Learn how how to code and make your own Flathub software store and publish it. Or, hire someone to make it for you. Nothing stopping you.

Ah, the joys of Linux where everyone wants everything for free.