Would Flathub accept Windows apps run through Wine?

I know there’s Bottles/Lutris/PlayOnLinux/whatever, but I’m still curious - If I packaged Realm of the Mad God (Windows & MacOS game) for Flatpak, would Flathub accept the package?

The running method would be to have the executable call wine launcher.exe, with wine installed as part of the build.

I don’t see anything in App Submission that would restrict this, but figured I’d ask since I don’t see any precedence of this

Looks like Flightcade is using Wine via a custom Wine script:

There’s also org.winehq.Wine that can be used as a base

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I wasn’t there back then, but from some googling, we used to have winepak for Windows Apps flatpak’d with wine, but I think it has died.

There is a fork (I think?) by the same person who makes flatpak-wine (and WineZGUI) but I’m unsure of any project that uses it, given that projects such as FFXIVLauncher and an-anime-game-launcher seems to prefer just downloading Wine in the launcher to the app’s user data folder.